Leonardo da vinci the supreme example of renaissance genius

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The Genius Of Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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10 Most Famous Religious Paintings In Western Art

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Leonardo da vinci the supreme example of renaissance genius

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The halo motif has been used in Western art for thousands of years. A halo, also called a nimbus or aureole, is a circular ring of light surrounding the head of a deity or saint. Western painting - Renaissance: The term Renaissance was first used by French art historians of the late 18th century in reference to the reappearance of antique architectural forms on Italian buildings of the early 16th century.

The term was later expanded to include the whole of the 15th and 16th centuries and, by extension, to include sculpture, painting, and the decorative arts.

Leonardo Da Vinci (): Biography of Italian Renaissance Painter, Best-Known for Mona Lisa Portrait, Last Supper Fresco, Vitruvian Man Drawing. Leonardo da Vinci (–) stands as a supreme icon in the history of Western civilization. With much of his work lost or unfinished, the key to his legacy is without doubt to be found in the enormous body of his extant drawings and accompanying manuscript notes.

Halos in Western Art: Horus to Jesus Christ to the X-Men by Lope.


The halo motif has been used in Western art for thousands of years. A halo, also called a nimbus or aureole, is a circular ring of light surrounding the head of a deity or saint.

Leonardo da vinci the supreme example of renaissance genius
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