Fiduciary duties of directors essay example

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Fiduciary Duties of Directors

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Fiduciary Duty: Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty

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Fiduciary Duties of Directors

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Directors’ Duties

The following is an explanation, attributed to Benjamin Cardozo, of fiduciary duty: Many forms of conduct permissible in a workaday world for those acting at arm's length, are forbidden to those bound by fiduciary ties.

In other words, we can say since the directors are acting on behalf of their company, they owe the duties of loyalty and good faith due to the fiduciary relationship with the companies. We will write a. However, in Malaysia on the fiduciary duty of directors to staff is still unclear because according to Chan and Koh on Malaysian company law, the companies Act ' does not expressly provide that the directors of the company is to take attention to the interests of company employees in carrying out their functions '.

In carrying out their fiduciary duties to the company, there is the scope that the directors. This important obligation is muddled in the routine administrative duties of the organization.

Fiduciary Duties for Directors - Essay Example

For example, fiduciaries of employee benefit plans are expected to act in the best interests of the plan participants. Fiduciary Duties of Directors Essay a company owes a Directors’ Fiduciary Duties. The codification of directors’ duties was done to provide an authoritative position on what the duties of directors are in the company (Hannigan, ).

4 Pages ( words) Essay Duties of Directors. A discussion about fiduciary duty usually revolves around two kinds of duties, namely duty of loyalty and duty of care. The specific characteristics of each duty (in terms of the behaviors they prescribes) may vary among contexts (e.g.

corporate vs. financial affairs) and/or fiduciaries (e.g. directors vs. investment bankers), but the general meanings of these two duties define fiduciaries.

Fiduciary duties of directors essay example
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