Extended essay example math

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“The extended essay of some 4, words offers the opportunity for IB students to investigate a topic of special interest, usually one of the student's six DP subjects, and acquaints them with the independent research and writing skills expected at university.

Example Of Thesis Introduction In Mathematics

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IB Extended Essay: The extended essay is an in-depth study of a topic chosen from one of the subjects offered in the ib program.

Its purpose is to acquaint you with the kind of independent research and writing skills expected by universities. In the Diploma Programme, the extended essay is the prime example of a piece of work where the student has the opportunity to show knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm about a topic of his or her choice.

In those Extended essay guide 3. Getting Started. Review the observations at the entry for extended video-accident.com consider these other definition strategies: negation (explaining what something is by also showing what it's not), comparison and contrast, and analogy.

Next, select one particular value from the list at Sixty Writing Topics: Extended Definition, or come up with a topic of your own.

Extended essay example math
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