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Constantine the Great Essay

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Constantine the great

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History: Ancient/ Constantine The Great term paper 12913

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Constantine Constantine the Great is considered by many one of the best emperors of Roman history. Constantine was the first emperor to convert to Cristianityand also founded the great city of Constantinople which remained the capital of the eastern Romans empire until Constantine the great ruled the Roman Empire in the early fourth century C.E.

Constantine the Great Essay

from until his death in C.E. He became the first Roman Emperor to convert to. Constantine the Great married Minervina who either died or divorced before and Fausta who was Maximian’s daughter. He had six children, one of them from Minervana but the rest from Fausta named Crispus, Constantina, Helena, Constantine II, Constantius II, and Constans.

Constantine the Great had many excellent qualities. Constantine The Great essaysConstantine was one of the best known of the Roman emperors.

Some important events of his reign include the Edict of Milan, which ended the persecution of Christians and made their worship legal, the battle of the Milvian Bridge, and the completion of the political and e.

Constantine the great

Constantine the Great Essay The reign of Constantine the Great marked the transition from the ancient Roman Empire to medieval Europe and a decisive step in the establishment of the Christian Church as the official religion for the Greek and Latin civilizations.

Constantine the great ruled the Roman Empire in the early fourth century C.E. from until his death in C.E. He became the first Roman Emperor to convert to .

Constantine the great essay example
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